Brian & Brandi's Van's RV10 Build


by Brian Friday, December 09, 2011

Here are some things that we bought. These are things not included in the kit.

Item Cost Purchased from Notes
Duckworks HID lights (2) $440 Duckworks Aviation We went with the 35 watt lights.
Heated pitot/AOA $450 Aircraft Spruce Non-Heated was $250 less but we opted to get heated.
Gretz Mount for pitot $110 Aircraft Spruce  
SafeAir tubing for pitot/aoa/static $110 Cleaveland Aircraft Tool This is an optional upgrade to the aluminum lines. Glad we did it.
50' wiring conduit $15 Van's Aircraft Would avoid corrugated conduit in future if possible (wires snag too easy).
Proseal $60 Van's Aircraft Has a shelf life of a few months so dont buy too early. Can be kept in freezer to prolong.
Andair Fuel Selector $200 Van's Aircraft Most people opt for this optional upgrade.
Bonaco brake lines (at gear legs only) $70 Bonaco Upgraded brake lines that run up gear legs only at this time.
Fuel Transducer (red cube) FT-60 $200 Aircraft Spruce  
Foam insulation $300 Aircraft Spruce Sound dampening from 3/4"-1/4" thick and generally thicker fwd and thins out going aft.
Stick Grips (Tosten) $250 Tosten Manufacturing 2-axis trim + 4 other buttons. Will setup as: com swap, PTT, AP cancel, Dynon feature.
Trim relays for stick grips (2 total) $100 Aircraft Spruce Need relays if you want both sticks to have button functionality.
Molex/Dsub/connectors $50 SteinAir DSubs for dynon skyview network cables that we built, molex for other plugs we used.
Headphone + MIC Jacks (4 pack) $30 Aircraft Spruce  
Epoxy + fiberglass $150 West Marine - Local store We discovered that it's cheaper to buy West Systems epoxy and hardener from Aircraft Spruce.
Electrical components per aeroelectric Z-13 $500 B&C Specialty Products aeroelectricconnection - Bob Nuckolls is the man!
Electrical (Vans basic electrical kit) $300 Van's Aircraft In hindsight would buy wire needed from Stein instead.
Electrical (wire) $125 SteinAir #2 gauge ground and power wire - gets expensive due to the long runs needed in the -10
3rd door latch system $450 Plane Around Help prevent our doors from logging their own separate flight time.
Lord adhesive (instead of weld-on) $175 Krayden Don't forget the caulk gun adapter!
Bob Archer VOR $100 Aircraft Spruce Not as good as whisker annetna but we're going to try them. Should be ok to start us out.
Ignition switch+door locks $150 Aircraft Spruce Used ACS. Could use a push start button but I like the extra deterrent of a keyed igition.
Transponder antenna $18 Aircraft Spruce Nice and cheap
2 comm antennas $100 eBay Saving a buck or two by getting used antennas.
Overhead Console $1,000 Aerosport Products An EXCELLENT upgrade. Especially in GA heat, the overhead air will be well worth it.
Fiberglass Headliner w/out fabric $245 Aerosport Products Makes finishing interior cabin top much easier.
Headliner Fabric (2.5yds) $18 Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft  
Matco Nosewheel $130   Vans has redone their nosewheel recently tho so upgrade might not be needed.
Scat tubing for overhead console $40 Aircraft Spruce There are different temp ratings you can buy. In this case, the cheap stuff is fine.
Aveo eyebeam touch overhead LED light $160 Aircraft Spruce Splurged to get a nice eyeball light to go in the center of our overhead console.
Overhead air vents (4) $350 Aircraft Spruce We went with Aveo vents. Stein air vents are a good option too.
Airgizmo 696 panel dock $165 Aircraft Spruce  
Total $6,561