Brian & Brandi's Van's RV10 Build

Tailcone Stowaway

by Brian Monday, May 28, 2012

We had some final wire routing and tidy work to complete in the tailcone and thank goodness for little Brandi because she squirmed her way all the way to the back of the tailcone. She managed to route all the wiring and secure it. With one hand. No light. Sweltering heat. And seemingly putting an advanced Pilates class to shame. Eventually I put a light in there for her though, so I'm sure it wasnt that bad after that. I'm such an excellent helper. Oh, I also shoved her cup of delicious iced orange juice in there to her to give her some relief at some point. She had drank all the oj earlier though so it was just mostly melted ice with a slight orange tint to it. I think it was probably delicious but Brandi didnt seem to want much of it. Probably because of her complete focus and dedication to the build. 

Busy B's

by Brandi Friday, May 11, 2012

We've been busy B's since moving to the hangar Sunday. We've worked from 5ish until 9pm every evening this week!

I decided to make a panel for the inside of the door to cover with Ultraleather. It took me forever to get it laid up but it came out pretty good. Now I just need to trim it so that it stops right before the door seal. 

Brian got the tail feathers attached and functional. We're hoping to get the wings down from the loft and attached this weekend.

We added brake fluid to the system and began bleeding them yesterday. Found some leaks in the process and tightened up the fittings. It turned out to be a lot bigger job than either of us expected.

Section 12 - Empennage Fairings

by Brian Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I have been working on section 12 lately. Its pretty straight forward and is among the last few things that I can accomplish before we move to the airport. There is some fiberglass work involved in section 12. I've lucked out and not had to do too much fiberglass work since Brandi has done most of it on the build. Her to-do list is long though, so I went ahead and jumped right in. She said I did a good job getting the strobe attached to the rudder fairing! Hurah! Any time Brandi says good job and there is no preceding quizzing or list of imperfections from her then I know its good. The woman has a knack for spotting imperfections so I relish my atta-boy's. :)

Tail strobe

by Brian Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finally bought strobes. We were trying to hold out for a nice LED strobe solution but I couldnt find something that was reasonably priced that I was happy with so we went with non-LED strobes. Decided on the Kuntzleman strobes. Went to install the tail strobe and the thing wouldnt fit on the factory fairing. Grrr. I chewed away some room to slip some lock-nuts in and then epoxied them in place. Next I will add filler to make it look nice. 

Section 11 empennage attach

by Brian Monday, April 09, 2012

We pulled the plane out of the garage for the first time since the engine has been hung. It sure was an exciting day and felt like another milestone had been reached as we temporarily attached the horizontal and vertical stabalizers. Bill and Dan come over to help out and I'm glad they did because it was interesting getting the plane to fit back in the garage :) Thanks guys! There are a few things left to do with section 11, but for the most part its  going along much quicker than I thought it might. 

Tailcone wrap up

by Brian Friday, August 05, 2011

Brandi had a list of a few things that needed to be fixed with the tailcone so I wrapped those up over the last few days. Feels good to cross those items off the list. Brandi and I also riveted some of those impossible 1 person jobs for the fuel transducer bracket and transponder antenna doubler.

We track our time by section and sometimes its tricky because we may go out in the shop and work for a couple hours and do 15 different small tasks that are all over the place.

Doing ADs already

by Brian Friday, September 10, 2010

When the manufacturer of a plane or kit plane find flaws they issue an AD, which is an air worthiness directive. It means you have to fix it. Since we aquired a mostly completed tailcone that had been built awhile back, there was an outstanding AD on the tailcone. Just bought it and already had to drill out several rivets. Its a bit of an unsettling thought because we didnt have much practice drilling out rivets and secondly, who wants to drill holes in a nicely completed and primed tailcone?

We got most of the rivets drilled out. We took turns drilling and then near the end we streamlined it by me drilling and Brandi using a punch to pry the heads off and then hammer the shop end of the rivet through. It made me really happy to see us slip into teamwork on the project already and so effortlessly. The fun part is going to be watching Brandi crawl into the tailcone to drill out those hard to reach rivets. Pictures to follow :)


Edit: I crawled in there so the joke is on me :(  haha

Empennage Cheating

by Brian Thursday, August 05, 2010

We found a 95% completed empennage kit for sale and decided to go for it. We saved a few bucks and also got to meet a really amazing guy in the process. Sometimes we regret not building the kit for the experience of it but we'll get lots of build time in the normal build wings (as opposed to quick build).