Brian & Brandi's Van's RV10 Build

St Patricks Day 2017

by Brian Friday, March 17, 2017

We flew down to KFFC again this year for St Patricks day and had a blast, as always. The flight was a little bumpy on the way there, and Lucy said she had to poopoo about 5 minutes into the flight, but fortunately we made it without incident. The potluck food that everyone brings each year is amazing, and this time was no exception. It was great catching up with all the falcon folks. Once we had our fill it was getting dark and Lucy was tired so we hopped in the adventure machine and home we went. 



Lunch outing

by Brian Thursday, March 16, 2017

I recently made a new friend, Jason, who is building an RV7. We met up at the airport and enjoyed a quick flight over to the restaurant at LZU. It was a little choppy up at 4k feet, but otherwise a very enjoyable trip and nice to get out in the plane since it had been a while. Thanks for lunch Jason and keep making good progress on your build! 


Columbus, OH

by Brian Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lucy and I hopped in the plane this past weekend to have a nice little visit with our good friends Ben and Mari and their 1.5 year old, Max. Brandi got a nice break and took a stay at home vacation. We caught a Blue Jackets vs Rangers hockey game there, which was awesome for several reasons. It was Lucy's first NHL game. It was a close and hard fought match up with the home team winning. Matt Calvert took a slap shot to the face, got 30+ stitches, came back to finish playing the game, and scored the game winning goal, which was a short-handed one to boot!! WOW. Perhaps just as exciting, at least for a pilot, was that we happened to luck out beautifully on timing of the weather. A low front was coming through so we got 30+ knot tail winds on the way to Columbus, AND the way home too!! Was so awesome doing over 200kts round trip. 


Lucy and Max played so well together and had a great time. We all went to an indoor arcade type of place that had a huge climbing/slides/ball pit area for the kids and let them run around and wear themselves out. 

Fall Leaf Tour 2016

by Brian Monday, November 07, 2016

Every year the Falcon RV Squadron does a scenic flight to enjoy the turning of the leaves, some good fellowship, and great fun. This year was another great one as we headed up to 24J in N. Carolina for lunch. The trouble was, all the wild fires in the area caused a ton of smoke and poor visibility, so we diverted to Ashville, which turned out to be pretty fortuitous, because we ended up at the Sierra Nevada brewery, which I had no idea was there. That place is amazing and cozy, but quite unfortunately we couldnt enjoy any of the beer since we were on a day trip flight! We had a great time never the less, and even started the flight off right with a proper cleaning. Lucy was tasked with all the low spots on the plane :)




Philly Flyers

by Brian Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My buddy Steve is a huge Flyers fan. He's been my hockey line mate for years and we love catching NHL games together, so imagine how excited I was when his Dad and Wife stealthily planned a surprise Birthday trip up to Philadelphia to catch a Flyers game. One really remarkable thing about the start of this trip planning was I noticed a private grass field near where we wanted to be, so I reached out to the owner. He was a fellow RV pilot and super nice guy. He gave us permission to land on his field, and even more, he loaned us a car for the weekend! Amazing people you find in aviation!! Thank you Keith! 


We got Philly Cheese Steaks at famous Pat's restaurant, caught the Flyers game with amazing complimentary VIP area that Steve's dad arranged, and finished off the night with a little bit of action at a Harrahs Casino. What a full day! The next day we enjoyed Reading market, which was amazing. The food there is to die for! Mark another hockey arena off the list. This is one we'll have to go back to again someday soon though since it was so much fun. 

Charleston fishing trip

by Brian Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My buddy from Sweden, Andreas, was visiting with us and we decided to hop in the -10 and go on a fishing trip to Charleston. I really love Charleston and if you've ever been, you likely agree its a charming city. I had never fished there before and wasnt sure what to expect. We did an AirBnB for the first time and it was a great experience. We ended up directly across the street from a great little dive bar place with really good food and beer selection. We did a half day inshore fishing excursion for red fish, and man what a blast!! Those suckers are super fun to catch and we snagged about 6 each! After a couple days of enjoying the fishing and the town, we hopped in the plane and cruised on back for a quick journey home. Chalk another great trip up in the books. 

Airventure 2016

by Brian Friday, August 05, 2016

We had a blast as always! This was the 6th year in a row that we have made it up to Oshkosh for Airventure. It was a little different of an experience this year since we had 2 year old Lucy in tow. A lot of the time was spent exposing Lucy to fun and cool things she would enjoy, which of course did include looking at airplanes, so she wasnt the only one having fun. We got to hang out with all our RV friends and it was great catching up with them, even if it was only briefly this year. We had to cut things a little short because Lucy caught a cold and also some weather was rolling in, so we left Wednesday morning, having arrived Sunday early afternoon. We enjoyed the Nasa building, innovations pavilion, air shows, KidVenture, museum, and all the usual fun, only this year in quick 2-year old attention span bursts :) 


Lucy wanted to help with the tie downs, so I let her with a lot of caution while she had a hammer near the plane. 


Oshkosh kids!

Lucy and Mommy enjoying the airshow with a great seat in the shade.


Columbus, Ohio friends

by Brian Thursday, July 28, 2016

We went up to Columbus to visit our friends before heading on to Oshkosh. We landed at Bolton Field KTZR and it was a nice airport with a restaurant right next to it so we enjoyed some BBQ as a late lunch after we arrived. The lady at the FBO gave Lucy a little stuffed animal airplane, which she loves! 


My buddy Ben and I had a good time chasing Pokemon Go and the little rug rats had a blast jumping, swimming, playing in the park, and running around like wild little toddlers lol. 



St Patrick's Day

by Brian Tuesday, April 05, 2016

We had a nice enjoyable flight over to Falcon field for a potluck dinner this past St Patrick's day. The food was delicious as usual, and it was really great catching up with some of the squadron since we havent seen them a lot over the last few months. Lucy had a good time and can enjoy outings like this more and more as she is getting a little older. 

Wheel Maintenance and St Marys

by Brian Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This past weekend I changed out the nose wheel tire and tube. These were the original tire and tube and had about 550 hours on them. I re-greased the bearings and put everything back together with no trouble. I even had nice 60 degree weather to enjoy in February! My friend Dan asked if I wanted to fly with him down to St Mary, GA, near Jacksonville, FL, so I said sure, why not. I got some instrument practice in and had a nice enjoyable flight. It was a good aviation weekend.

Nashville Predators

by Brian Saturday, February 06, 2016

Scratch another hockey arena off the list. My good buddy and line mate, Steve, along with his wife and their friend Dom, had a nice quick 1 hour flight up to Nashville to catch the Predators vs my current favorite team, the Sharks. We had a nice enjoyable flight to John Tune airport and took an Uber car ride to downtown for some delicious BBQ. The game was good, although my Sharks lost unfortunately :( The night flight home was peaceful and the adventure machine was put to bed in her hangar once we arrived back home. We all said our good nights and parted ways until the next adventure strikes. 

AZ/Mexico Thanksgiving 2015

by Brian Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Lucy, my sister Hannah, and I all went out west to visit family for Thanksgiving. Brandi opted to have a staycation and skip this trip since she was a little bit over all the traveling we have done lately.

We had a great flight out to Austin, TX to visit my friend Lee. We hung out, ate good BBQ, and caught up on what's been going on. We stayed the night and got an early start the next day. We headed to Show Low, AZ, where my Granny lives. We enjoyed a nice visit with her, some good meals, and as usual some challenging scrabble matches. Lucy especially loved playing with the two cats and dog. 


We then departed to Guaymas, Mexico, which was the third time we have flown there now. It was a nice smooth ride down there and the 2 hour flight sure does beat the 6 hour drive! When we arrived it was a nice warm 80 degrees and Lucy even played in the ocean a bit. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset, hung out with family and were having a great time. Poor Hannah was sick to her stomach but she hung in there like a trooper. The next day the whole family went out on my Grandpa's boat and we enjoyed the entire day out on the ocean. The fishing wasnt good that day but we had a great time anyways. Lucy played with her cousin Levi, who is about a year older than her. We went out fishing again the next day but again, not much luck, which is unusual but it happens from time to time. We had planned on staying another day but weather dictated that if we didnt leave immediately then a storm front would block us from getting home for several more days. We loaded up quick and headed for South Texas. We cleared customs in Brownsville with a little trouble because they couldnt find my EAPIS, despite the fact that I had definitely filled it out earlier that day and even had a confirmation email. After that the plan was to get fuel and get ahead of the weather that was in central Texas. 

Upon landing at Port Aransas for fuel, we had developed a flat tire on the left main! What a nightmare. The tire was in great shape and no sign of puncture. I didnt know what was going on until later inspection showed the stem had sheered off the tube!! What the hell! How does that even happen? Since it was Friday night when that happened and no maintenance on the field, plus everyone around the area seemed to be gone for Thanksgiving, we had a really hard time finding a tube. I finally got one from a really nice old mechanic out at Corpus Cristi Intl. The weather was IFR anyways so we were stuck. We ended up getting a rescue flight from my good friend Bill Thomason (Thank you times a million, Bill!!!). He brought a jack and was going to fly us all home. Bill arrived and rescued us and reported VFR on top the whole way back to GA. We made it out through a small break in the clouds and finally got home after an exhausting journey around the country. Everyone loved seeing Lucy so it was worth it. Hannah was a big help with Lucy and I couldnt have done it without her. Thanks Hannah!

Hockey Eh?

by Brian Monday, November 16, 2015

This year, at Oshkosh, while enjoying the company of our friends, the Branch family, we made an innocent comment like "we should come visit you in Canada sometime." We decided to make an actual plan out of it and discussed how late October might be the best time, due to weather and the hockey season starting up. One of Brandi and my bucket list items when building the plane was to watch an NHL game in every city that had a team. This would be a great opportunity to cross a couple off the list. 

We had made plans to visit the Kranz family last year, but because of weather, that fell through. So, we figured we would bundle that into a big sweeping trip up towards Canada. We were intending to depart on a Tuesday morning but weather was going to get bad at home, so, we decided on the spur of the moment to leave Sunday afternoon and go early. We landed at Red Wing, WI later that evening after a pleasant flight. We stowed the bird in Ed's nice big hangar and headed for his home. It was really great being able to spend several days with Ed, Colleen, and little EJ. While we were there we did all kinds of fun stuff like went to the Science Museum, Mall of America, got to drive his friends Tesla, enjoyed playing fetch with the dog, feeding the chickens, and also went for a ride in Ed's -10 (incredible panel by the way). We caught a Wild hockey game at Xcel Energy Center, which was great fun and another one off the list. Lucy LOVED playing with EJ, the dog, and the cat. 


We had planned on going up to Winnipeg to catch a Jets game up there, but bad weather kept us from going, so we stayed an extra night with the Kranz family. Thanks again guys! 

We had a long flight out to Montana and it was pretty bumpy the whole time. We landed at Cut Bank, Montana to some INTENSE winds. They were something like high 20's gusting to 52 kts. I've always done fine in wind and it was mostly down one of the runways so we went for it. Taxiing was pretty interesting and pretty difficult. We fueled up and got the heck out of there! Too much wind! Off we went for Lethbridge, Canada, where we cleared customs by getting a confirmation code over the phone without seeing a single person! Super easy! Off we went to CEN4, High River, Alberta Canada, yay! We were a little behind schedule arriving and had plans to catch a Calgary Flames game that night. Once we landed, the Branchs handed us hockey tickets, some Tim Hortons Coffee and doughnuts, and watched Lucy for the night, as Brandi and I drove up to Calgary to watch the game! Its great having such wonderful and kind friends! The hockey game was really fun as it was a rivalry match between Flames and Canadiens. It was the night before Halloween and lots of people were dressed in costumes, which was pretty fun to see. 

We had Edmonton Oilers tickets for the next night and decided to drive rather than fly. It was a nice scenic 3 hour trip up there and again, the Branchs played with Lucy and even took her trick-or-treating! It was nice being able to get away and enjoy some 'us' time, since that is a rare treat. Lucy loved playing with Emma and Gavin. They are such great kids. 

We were supposed to leave Canada to head home on Sunday night but due to weather we had to sit it out until Wednesday! Better safe than sorry! We were eager to get home, but had a great time anyways and made the best of it. The Branchs have a beautiful house and a really awesome wave pool that we played in one evening. We enjoyed great food, learned more about Troy's exciting Carbon Cub build, played outside in unseasonably warm weather, and overall enjoyed Canada.

We finally caught a break in the weather and headed back towards home. There was a storm front that was moving across the country, so we had to make our way back behind it slowly, but surely. We ended up back at Cut Bank to clear customs (no wind this time!). Then we shot for Billings, Montana to stay the night. We got a nice hotel room and found a random BBQ place nearby, where I had the best brisket of my life!! We were tired of traveling and ready to be home, but we wouldn't be able to get all the way back the next day. We had to stop in Manhattan, Kansas to wait out the weather. We ended up with a big rental SUV (Nissan Armada), got a hotel room, and rested. On Friday, after having been gone for 12 days, we finally made it home through a fortuitous gap in weather, that would later prove to cover everything up for again for several more days soon after we got in. We were glad to be home!

Thank you so much for your hospitality Kranzs and Branchs! Go Wild! Go Flames! Go Go RV-10! :) 

Oil cooler butterfly valve

by Brian Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We are planning a trip up to Canada soon and so we'll definitely need something to help keep the oil temps up. Plus, over the years of flying I have noticed at high altitudes or in winter its tough to keep the oil temp over 165 in cruise and ideally temps should be closer to 180. This is another one of the mods I wish I would have went ahead and did from day 1. Got the TCW servo and butterfly valve installed with not much trouble and it works great! Very happy with it. 

Insurance update 3

by Brian Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The first year we got insurance for the hull it was a staggering $4100 due to my very low flight hours. The 2nd and 3rd year of insurance was better at $2800.  Now that I am at around 700 hours, 500 of that in the -10, we're down to $2200. So far from what I've seen/heard from others, it typically doesnt get much lower than $2k/yr +/- for -10 owners with full coverage no matter how much experience the pilot has. 


Edit April 2017: glad to say I'm wrong - we have had $1500 insurance on 150k hull value for the last couple years now. Woohoo!

Visit from Marty and Ethan

by Brian Thursday, September 24, 2015

Our friend Marty and his 3 year old son Ethan came by and visited. We talked aviation, flew around the lake, enjoyed lunch, and had a great time! Marty is starting in on building a -10 and we wish him the best luck. 

Triple Tree Fly-in

by Brian Thursday, September 24, 2015

We made it out to Triple Tree fly-in this year, which was I think the 3rd time we've gone. It was a blast as always! Its so beautiful and relaxing there and this year we had a great camping spot with our good friends the Twilbecks. 

ghost in the wire

by Brian Sunday, August 30, 2015

For a long time now there has been this faint pulsing noise in the headsets when serial data has been enabled on our Garmin 696. I tried so many things to get rid of the noise and FINALLY I fixed it. After having tried double/triple checking all grounds, adding a 'noise filter', re-crimping wires, replacing music jack cable, and probably other things, the solution was to add a 1k resistor on the blue serial data line. I read an old thread on VAF where someone had suggested this to someone else and I was so relieved when it worked!

Oshkosh 2015

by Brian Saturday, July 25, 2015

We just got back from our 5th year in a row at Oshkosh and it was a blast as always. It was Lucy's 2nd year and despite only being 14 months old, she did great. We camped out in a tent next to our plane in wonderful weather most of the week. Brandi managed to get so much stuff packed into the plane and still keep us under gross and within good CG. We got to see lots of friends and make some new ones. Lucy Charmed everyone she came across as she waived to them and beamed her great smile. We had a great time at the usual places such as the RV-10 dinner social, Nationair beer social, Bikini-Bar (aka SOS Brothers), airshows, hanging out at camp Olson, visiting exhibitors, and much more. 

Cracker Fly-In Best Monoplane

by Brian Friday, July 17, 2015

Every year EAA chapter 611 throws nice sized fly-in at the Gainsville (KGVL) airport. We've been a couple times and it was always fun so Keith and I went this year for pancakes and planes. When we arrived I was given a tag to hang on our prop to give some info about it and I was asked if I wanted the plane to be judged. I said "sure, why not" on a whim. Well today in the mail we received an award for best Monoplane, yay! :) What a great surprise. Its a really cool looking award too because its got half of a piston on it. We proudly put it on our mantle, which is a nice fit with the other aviation stuff we have up there.