Brian & Brandi's Van's RV10 Build

Brake cylinders

by Brian Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Page 46-07 says to use Lubon #404 or equivalent and to someone who is new to all this how in the world was I suppose to know what equivilant was? I couldnt find anywhere that sold lubon so I ended up getting advice to use Permatex high temp tube thread sealant.  Can be bought from places like Auto Zone for about $5. Also permatex form-a-gasket is available from air craft spruce. Hopefully this will help someone newbie like me in the future to figure out what to use.

"Setup the Left and Right Cylinder Assemblies. Apply a thread sealant, such as Lubon #404 or equivalent, to the pipe threads of the AN822-4D Tube/Pipe Elbow before threading them into the top of the Cylinder Assemblies"

Shes got legs!

by Brian Monday, November 07, 2011

This weekend we attached the landing gears to the plane. What an exciting day to complete what feels like a major milestone. I have been thinking for months now about attaching the landing gears and have put it off for as long as possible in order to keep the plane accessible as possible. It was finally time to mount these things and I thought it would be a big deal trying to squeze the legs into the mounts. It turned out to take like 30 minutes or less for the main gears! Piece of cake! Our good buddy Keith came over to help get this all done. The excitement between us all was very high.

We used a method that fellow RV-10 builder Phil Perry described on the VAF forums as linked here. It worked out really well for us.

Nose wheel and gear

by Brian Thursday, August 18, 2011

Got a jump start on section 46 even though the doors are not finished yet. I built up the nose wheel and gear and now I just need to get a hold of a spring scale to calibrate the fork to turn at 26lbs of force. I accidentally pinched the tube in the tire when assembling it and so I had to order a new tube. That really sucked because I was so careful to not do that but I guess when I pulled the stem through the wheel it must have pulled the tube in between wheel halves just enough to be pierced when I bolted them together. The new tube arrived and it was installed so all is well now.

We are using an after market nose axel and a few other wheel related items per Tim Olson and others warning on the stock ones. Reference: Better Tires and Tubes

In summary, delete these:

  • U NW501.25 Nose wheel w/ bearings
  • U 5:00X5-6IT Tube for nose wheel
  • U 15X6.0-6IT Inner Tube Main
  • U-1009 Axle

Buy these:

All said and done its about a $110 upgrade that should be well worth it.