Brian & Brandi's Van's RV10 Build

Toolbox complete!

by Brian Thursday, September 09, 2010

We completed the toolbox last night. I'm almost embarrassed of it. I think I will name it frankentoolbox haha. It served its purpose though and that was for us to learn how to do things on. It turns out Brandi is pretty pro with AN470 style (cupped) rivets and I am better with the flush rivets. I'm excited that we both have our strengths and I think that will empower us through this build.


Empennage Cheating

by Brian Thursday, August 05, 2010

We found a 95% completed empennage kit for sale and decided to go for it. We saved a few bucks and also got to meet a really amazing guy in the process. Sometimes we regret not building the kit for the experience of it but we'll get lots of build time in the normal build wings (as opposed to quick build).

EAA Workbenches

by Brian Sunday, August 01, 2010

We built two of the 'EAA Workbenches'. We put a strip of carpet on top (its not attached but it stays in place just fine). I recommend that anyone building these workbenches should make the table top bigger so there's a lip around all ends for clamping things to.

EAA Chapter 1000 Standardized Work Tables

Workshop construction

by Brian Monday, July 26, 2010

We needed a place to build the plane and everything I've read said have a shop at home rather than somewhere you had to drive to. All we had was a carport so we decided to fill that in and turn it into a garage/workshop. My dad flew out from Arizona to head up the construction and with his help and the help from my cousin Evan and my sister Hannah we knocked it all out in about 3 weeks. Thanks everyone who helped!

Its a tight fit at times so far but its getting the job done at ~19' x 19'. I had a really hard time finding out what is the minimum size work space someone could build an RV-10 in so hopefully this will help someone out there. So far in the build, I think it could be done in about this size but no less. This is because once we get to the part where we have to mount the tailcone to the fuse we will have to cattycorner it and any smaller and it wouldn't quite fit.


by Admin Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brandi's working on getting this site up and going and Brian is researching propellers and instruments for the panel. So far we have built two EAA work benches, received our test Toolbox Kit from Van's and ordered the RV Builder Tool Kit. Brian's dad is coming into town next weekend to help us work on building the workshop. This week we're going to place the order for the wing kit and, in about 3 weeks, we're driving to Ohio to purchase a 95% complete Empennage kit.

RV10 Build Log

by Brian Friday, January 01, 2010

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